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"What an amazing & inspirational lady you are Justine Martin! I have just sat in on Justine’s talk tonight that she gave at her old home town of Glen Innes. I would be amazed if anyone has had so many illnesses & diversities in their life as this beautiful lady & been able to fight back to live a very full & rewarding life at the same time as building up 6 businesses, co authoring 4 books, illustrating one & writing & illustrating a children’s book. Justine has to be a National Treasure.


Congratulations on making it into 4 categories of the ROAR Finals & good luck Saturday night. You damn well deserve to win the lot, however what ever the outcome you have been a winner by just having your name in there. Thank you for sharing your story with the captivated audience tonight. May you continue to manage doing what a you are doing & keep inspiring others."

Carol Parry

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"Justine has spoken at Business in Heels events on a number of occasions. Her messages are always very clear & simple, they are heartfelt especially as she shares her own journey & challenges. The audience is always impressed and leaves inspired to do more."

Lisa Sweeney

CEO at Business In Heels

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Thank you, Justine, for the support you have given me in so many areas. I have had the privilege of hearing Justine speak on a couple of occasions around Geelong. On each occasion, I have learnt more about resilience, MS, and so much more.


Justine’s dedication not only to the MS community in educating those afflicted by MS and the education of the public at large about the plight of MS sufferers is unsurpassed.

Justine’s talks are always inspirational for anyone facing adversities of their own

Deb Fribbins

 Rotaract Geelong

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I was so unbelievably inspired by listening to Justine's life story. I knew her as a child and even then remember how driven she was but I had not seen her in about 15 years, so hearing her many battles I was baffled. Justine spoke with such raw honesty that the world needs more of and in-between tears and laughter listening to her was such an eye opener. 

Justine speaks beautifully & hearing her story really helped to put things in my own life into perspective. What a wonderful way to spend an evening, thanks so much for your strength..

Kathy Sharman

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“Captivating”  “The audience were spellbound”


Justine spoke to my group of business leaders and immediately after her 40 minute session, an attendee said they could have listened for another 40 minutes, it was that good.


Book this lady now before she gets to be too famous. I couldn’t recommend Justine Martin highly enough.

Les Watson

Creating Success Program

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‘I truly believe that Justine WILL inspire anyone who is in attendance

Rachel Jillet

RD Photography

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