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Power. Passion. Purpose.


Her story is unique, courageous and it will challenge

your belief of what strength and determination is.



  • Resilience in Action: The Journey from Diagnosis to Business Leader of the Year

    • What is Resilience? Is it when you're assembling IKEA furniture, realise a mistake halfway, but disassemble and start over instead of giving up? Or when you're on your 10th attempt to parallel park but keep trying until you get it right? Or when you overcome multiple health setbacks, told you'll never work again, but go on to run seven, multi-award-winning businesses?

    • Who is this tailored for? 

      • Business Owners, Leaders/Managers, Team Members, Large Format Conferences and Events 

  • Same Same But Different: A Journey of Inclusion and Diversity

    • ​"Same Same But Different" is a heartwarming children's book by Justine Martin featuring her dachshund, Pansy. In this presentation for primary school children, educators and carers, Justine reads Pansy's story, exploring themes of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion.

    • As Pansy meets various animals, she learns about empathy and the importance of embracing differences. This engaging story encourages children to celebrate uniqueness and recognise our shared connections. With its vibrant illustrations and engaging narrative, "Same Same But Different" sparks meaningful conversations about inclusivity and understanding.

    • Who is this tailored for? 

      • Primary School Aged Children, Community Groups, Library Talks 

  • For Art’s Sake: The Power of Resilience and Creativity

    • In 2011, Justine Martin's life took an unexpected turn with a diagnosis of Remitting Relapsing MS, forcing her to leave her career. Instead of surrendering to her challenges, she found solace in art. Stepping into her first art class, she discovered a newfound passion that became her sanctuary amidst struggles.

    • Despite facing health challenges, including three primary cancers, Justine's resilience never wavered. Today, she's not only an artist but also a successful business owner, author, and speaker, inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite adversity.

    • Through her keynote, Justine shares her journey, highlighting how art transformed her darkest moments into sources of strength. She emphasises the power of creativity in overcoming challenges and encourages audiences to embrace their passions with unwavering determination.

    • Who is this tailored for? 

      • High School Students, Community Groups, Aged Care Communities, Business Owners, Colleges, TAFE, Universities

  • 7 and Growing: The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

    • Despite facing multiple health challenges, Justine Martin has built seven successful businesses. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, she defied expectations by founding the Justine Martin Corporation, comprising award-winning ventures like resilience coaching and professional art wellness groups.

    • In this keynote for business-minded individuals, Justine shares her strategies for identifying market opportunities, conducting research and leveraging her strengths for innovation. She emphasises the importance of building a strong team and managing time effectively amid medical appointments.

    • Justine discusses her approach to thriving in a competitive market, including staying ahead of the competition and continuously improving products and services. She also openly shares her failures and lessons learned, inspiring audiences to grow as entrepreneurs.

    • Who is this tailored for? 

      • Business Owners, Community Groups, Business Festival, Business Groups, Start-up Scene, Chamber of Commerces

  • Whispers of Resilience: Living with Multiple Sclerosis

    • Justine Martin's life took a drastic turn with a diagnosis of MS shortly after her 40th birthday. Despite the challenges posed by the disease, she embodies resilience as a continuous action, not just a trait.

    • Rather than surrendering to limitations, Justine sees setbacks as opportunities for growth. Her unwavering belief in overcoming obstacles and maintaining a positive outlook earned her the title 'Queen of Resilience.'

    • In her motivational talk, Justine shares her journey, leaving audiences inspired and empowered. Through her story and others shared in the book "Whispers of Resilience," she showcases the power of mindset in facing life's challenges with courage and determination.

    • Who is this tailored for?

      • Community SectorDisability SectorHealth ConferencesAuthor Talks/Panels



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