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The Queen of Resilience, Overcoming Adversities & A Survival Guide to Others!


Justine Martin is an International Keynote Speaker, Resilience Coach, Author and Podcast Host. Known as the Queen of Resilience; her passion, energy and story to overcome adversities, is now a survival guide to thousands.

“Justine is such an inspiring presence. Her story comes across raw, unrehearsed is told entirely from the heart. She does not preach a certain way of living one's life, she simply walks the audience through the various roadblocks that she has faced and describes the mindset that she adopted to overcome them, not just to survive, but to thrive. She delivers with such warmth and humility that one finds themselves drawn into the story and hoping for her not to finish speaking.”

Martin Jellinek, General Manager at Learning Services Skyline Education Foundation Australia

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“Justine has a raw and honest energy that you instantly connect with. She has the ability to bring the pages to life as you hang on each word in her story, and at the same time it gives you this inner belief in yourself to take the first step”!


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Justine’s keynote speaking message is clear and empowering… 

“Life can throw us curve balls; sickness, job loss, death of a loved one, overwhelmed, no purpose … but it is our inner strength, our resilience, our courage, our determination, to get back up, navigate the journey of change, build ourselves back up - that truly defines who WE are. I will show you how!”


2024 Momentum Empowering Woman Of The Year Award

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Beam Awards 2024 Finalist

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Women Changing the World Awards 2024 Finalist - Disability Leadership Award

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Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2024 Finalist - Social Enterprise


2023 GBEA Leader of the Year

The winner of the 2023 Business Leader of the Year Award sponsored by @bay939geelong, is Justine Martin!

2023 Quadruple Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner


Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards 2023 Finalist


Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2023 Finalist

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Finding Hope Book Mock-up.png

Finding Hope

Children's book written and illustrated by Justine Martin

‘Finding Hope’ welcomes a special appearance by ‘Pansy the Dachshund’, the beloved character from Justine's initial children's book 'Same Same But Different'. Additionally, the mascot of popular children's band Mik Maks, Drums the Panda, makes a memorable visit. In ‘Finding Hope’, Justine crafts a narrative that encourages children to embrace optimism and resilience when confronting adversity. 


The Whispers of Resilience: Our stories of Multiple Sclerosis are at #1 in Kindle and #1 in Amazon Books as best sellers!

The anthology ‘Whispers of Resilience: Personal Stories Of Living With MS’ is now available!

This remarkable book brings together a group of exceptionally talented authors, each sharing their personal Journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). These courageous individuals have poured their hearts onto the pages, offering unique insights, triumphs and challenges faced on the way.

Prepare to be captivated by a collection of extraordinary stories, written with unwavering strength, resilience and hope. Each author captures the true essence of the book; telling the story of their personal journey. Every journey we know is different, no two stories are the same. Each chapter follows the raw and emotional journey of each author showcasing their unbreakable human spirit and power of storytelling.

Secure your copy of this inspiring anthology, simply click on the link below to access the pre-order form, fill in your details and be among the first to embark on this extraordinary literary adventure.

Let’s come together and celebrate the courage, raise awareness and inspire others who may be facing their own battles.

Whispers of Resilience Front Cover with Amazon best seller badge.png

Geelong Business Stories: Justine Martin from Justin Martin Corporation

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