Resilience Consulting

 What Is Resilience Consulting?

The definition of resilience is 'the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; from toughness.'

As a Resilience Consultant, Justine guides her clients to develop and sustain a positive mindset. drawing on her years of experience and knowledge, she forms a partnership with clients aimed at optimising their health and wellbeing through strategies and practices.

The Resilience Mindset is made up of eight-pillars, including;

  1.   Passion

  2.   Positivity

  3.   Purpose

  4.   Power

  5.   Persistence

  6.   Planning

  7.   Prosperity

   8.   Pliable 


At Justine Martin Consulting, Justine will explore these areas with you and work on strengthening the pillar(s) that need development and more resilience.

Clients book Resilience Consulting for a myriad of reasons, however if you are experience any of the follow, book an initial consultation with Justine to explore your options;


  • Concerned about any of the eight-pillars (listed above)

  • Are you struggling with adversity in your life?

  • Don’t know how to move forward or gain direction?

  • No idea where to start with an idea or project?

  • Unsure of your purpose and direction?

  • Do you feel like you’re in survival mode?

  • Are you looking for a positive pathway?


Building resilience is a key life skill; a skill everyone needs to consistently work at.

Life can through us curve balls; sickness, job loss, death, no purpose … but it is our inner strength (our resilience) to get back up, navigate the journey of change, build ourselves back up … that defines who we are